What's an Event? A YRE? A Seasonal?

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Events are offered at different times of the year and are sponsored by local clubs. Clubs determine a specific, measured route, and create a map and/or directions. A “standard” length is 10km (6.2 miles), while many clubs will offer a 5km (3.1 mile) option as well. A typical bicycling event is 25 km (15.5 miles).

YRE stands for “year-round event,” which means people may participate any day during the year, and as many times as they choose. A “seasonal” event is open during a specific time of year, for example April 1 through November 30.

The club selects a trail, draws maps and writes detailed walking instructions, and sets up a permanent starting point. You arrive during stated open hours, register, take a map, and enjoy the trail. This is an great opportunity to meet people with a common interest for fun, fitness and friendship.

What does it cost?

Anyone may participate in volkssports, free of charge. Each participant is required to complete and carry a "start card," which is a means of keeping track of participants. Start cards are also marked at "checkpoints" along the route. A fee is charged for participants who wish to be part of the AVA/IVV awards program, or to receive an "event award," a patch, pin or other item commemorating the event. Event awards/rewards. These memorabilia-items become special reminders of the good times and places you've enjoyed. IVV Achievement Award credits can be earned for distance achieved AND for the number of Events in which you participate. These credits are recognized worldwide as symbols of achievement Volkssports are everywhere you want to be. Some events will be close to your home--you may want to enjoy them multiple times. Others will be farther away--you might need to schedule some vacation time to really enjoy them. Volkssports encourage you to travel to unique areas and discover rewarding new experiences. Or if you are already traveling for business or pleasure, adding a volkssport may be a great way to relax, exercise or experience the area.

A volkssport event is designed to appeal to all ages, and all levels of physical fitness. It is not a contest of speed or endurance. Participants complete the events at their own pace and at the finish everyone is a winner. All finishers are eligible for achievement award credits, an award designed especially for each event, and other incentives.

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